martedì 4 agosto 2009

With teeth

Se questo non è lo scoop dell'anno, francamente non saprei immaginare cos'altro possa accadere...

Dal Daily Mail edizione on line:

Pogues frontman Shane MacGowan finally has new teeth

He is infamous for his shabby looks and gummy smile.
But all that's in the past now for Shane MacGowan.
The Pogues singer has been spotted in Malaga with a new set of gnashers

MacGowan has reportedly spent the last month in Spain having extensive dental work to repair the acute damage to his mouth caused by decades of hard partying.
During one all-day drinking session in Limerick, Ireland, he fell over a wall, smashing his teeth on a pile of bricks.

The 51-year-old became renowned for his dishevelled appearance and his terrible teeth, which eventually became his trademark.
But it wasn't popular with everyone.
One American record company airbrushed some teeth onto him on an album cover so as not to put off U.S. fans.
MacGowan had recently talked about getting his teeth fixed to stop his face 'falling apart'.
We think the dentally-discerning Yanks would approve of his pegs now...

Non è chiaro se questa immagine sia autentica o un fotomontaggio, comunque la notizia è accertata. Non so perchè, ma è come se qualcosa dell'epicità del personaggio si sia perso per sempre...

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